Wednesday, May 18, 2016

River City Comic Expo!

Wow I haven't updated anything on here in quite a while!
Life has been busy for sure. My wife and I had our 4th daughter in September and I've got 1 last class to finish over the summer and I'll have my Associates of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems officially!

On June 11th-12th I'm going to be running a D&D 3.5 Eberron dungeon for the people who attend the River City Comic Expo that is going on in Little Rock, Arkansas. I'm excited and nervous about this as I've never run a game for anyone aside from family before, but I'm hoping it will go well.

As soon as my last class if over and I'm officially done with college then I am going to start heavily working on my Silver Divinity game more. I'm hoping to maybe run it as a test at the local game store where I live when I get it done.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Gaming! and Future Plans

Well I've been just a little busy here lately and haven't gotten around to posting anything on here. Between school for me and my 3 kids along with working and everything else I've been extremely distracted.

The evil campaign I've been running for the in-laws has been going well, and actually this weekend should be the last session with it again (they are level 23 now). After that the in-laws are wanting to test out the new D&D 5th edition game since my father-in-law bought the books that are available at the moment.
Looks like it could be fun at least, I'm not picky about the game I play as long as I can play. I've heard good and bad things about the new edition and honestly I don't care either way. A game is a game and until I play it I can't make an decision on whether or not I like it. Although being that it is a game I'm sure I will find something to enjoy about it regardless of anything else. I hope that rambling made sense as I didn't intend to start into that, oh well.

I've not had the time or concentration to work on my own game lately, but I still plan on putting more work into it at some point.

As far as updates, me and my wife have decided to go in on working on something creative together and are in the process of working on a Web-comic using 3d figures (I'll be making the panels/pages/images in DAZ Studio). Might turn out well, or might be horrible but either way we are giving it a go as a way for us to do something together, so should be fun either way.

With all three kids in school now it is nice but stressful at the same time as that means they are getting bigger and older. Our oldest daughter wants to play softball again when that comes around (not until spring at least), and the middle daughter is participating in the Youth Football group in our area as a cheerleader, the youngest is only in pre-k and hasn't wanted to get involved in anything yet.

Well enough of my ramblings for now I'll try to post something sooner without a huge break between them this time. Have a good one anyone who happens to read this. :)

Friday, July 11, 2014


So I am staying busy at the moment. Working full time, school is out for the summer at the moment at least, although I did sort of take on a second job. I was paid to build a website for the Doctor's office where my Mother works, and now I am also their IT guy (unless something major comes up). Not a full time job exactly but takes extra time on lunches and weekends when minor things happen.

The In-Laws are still playing the Evil campaign I am running. They are level 20 now and starting a war. And finally with the help of my brother-in-law (the war part is more for him as he really wanted to try a somewhat war like campaign), I have an idea on what to do with this war campaign that they will like!

I'm wanting to run a small campaign at my home as well but sadly I don't have enough people willing to come over and play. Oh well, maybe in the future.

So I've also been making pictures still with Daz-Studio, and I had an idea for a picture that got a little more initiative to get done with the help of my mother. She keeps picking on me about turning my children into "nerds" as she puts it, so I decided to go along with doing this picture for myself and so I could send it to her.

So my wife and daughters helped me make this by designing their own characters for me to setup.

Kim my wife's is the angel with white wings and blue outfit.
Barbara my 9 year old daughter is the red armored mage.
Izabel my 6 year old is the angel with blue/yellow/red wings (and mulan's dress).
Kira my 4 year old is the fairy.
Eric is me, and mine is the female with the spear and shield (character I'm planning out to play for the next time I get to play a game instead of run one)

I sent this to my mother as well just to make her laugh at me which was effective and amusing.

So yeah, more updates later and hopefully some new information on my Silver Divinity game (since this blog is supposed to be about that).

Monday, June 16, 2014

Funerals, Life, and Games

So yeah I've been meaning to post something on here but life always intervenes.

My Grandfather passed away on Wednesday June 11th at 5 A.M. he was 86. His funeral was Saturday and it went as well as a funeral can be expected. His obituary is here (mostly putting it here for myself I suppose) Willie A. (Bill) Fowler.

Father's day was good but depressing as can be expected considering we had a Funeral the day before it. My wife made me catfish and hush-puppies for Father's Day dinner, which is awesome (I rarely get to eat it at home as I'm the only one in the house that will eat it). Mostly I sat around Sunday and actually played Bioshock Infinite. I started it Saturday night after the funeral and spending time with family and I finished it Sunday night. I loved the game to be honest, the story was wonderful and the ending was great!

My oldest daughter is still playing softball and is super excited now as she finally hit the ball!

My Evil D&D campaign I'm running for the In-Laws is going well so far, they've gotten to level 20 now and are in the process of initiating a war. I'm hoping I can handle what I've setup and been working towards for them, but we shall see.

I'm planning on posting more sometime soon to do with my Silver Divinity RPG project. We went to A-Kon and although I had a digital copy of the Savage Worlds book, I found a physical copy there that I bought. I prefer to have a physical book to look at when doing things.

Well I suppose that is enough updates for the moment, if you actually read through any of this then Thank You! And if you didn't then Thank You anyway!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Evil Campaign/A-Kon/Wife's Costume

So yeah busy as always.

Been playing our Evil campaign when we can which has been fun so far. They are getting into the military/way part of the story which is leading up to the end (which I'm still trying to figure out what exactly that is). Brother-in-law was in the army and went overseas a while back, and as such he has been asked/volunteered to help me get a handle on ideas for the war/military portion of this campaign. Which to be honest the main reason they are participating/starting a war is because he liked the idea of participating in a D&D campaign with a war in it, so I incorporated that into the campaign they were running. Should be interesting as they are now level 20. But hopefully I can handle it well enough for them to enjoy.

So A-Kon is going on in Dallas on June 6th - 8th, and my cousin also lives in Dallas. He has been down to visit a number of times but I've not gotten the chance to go visit him yet. Well the wife and I finally got a little money put back to make a trip up there to see him as well as attend A-Kon! My wife is super excited because she loves my cousin as do I. Me and him are similar in most things (most of our personality, and our sense of humor), although I prefer women and he prefers men, which makes for some amusing conversations.

Anyway, my wife decided she wanted to cosplay in essence. She dyed her hair the other day for it as well. Tonight she wanted to see how everything looked all together and so I took a picture for myself and for her to get an idea of what it all looked like as we don't have a full length mirror or anything in our house. She assumed I would post it on here and I figured why not as she seemed to like the idea. So here is my wonderful wife wearing her outfit for A-Kon.

My wife Kim in her outfit for A-Kon.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Evil Campaign and Other Ramblings

So yeah as always work and home life are keeping me busy, which is draining my mental energy which I keep trying to reserve so I can work on a post or on my Silver Divinity project. But alas I haven't been able to lately. But enough of that onto my ramblings!

On a side note, my oldest daughter (I have 3 daughters) turned 9 April 6th, and she started Softball practice that following Thursday, which her grandmother paid for as her Birthday gift. I'm not much of a sports person myself, well to be honest I like playing with family and that is it, I don't care to watch it either. But I am excited that my daughter is playing if only for the reason that she is excited herself. She has never really played a sport before so this should be fun, I can at least help some; I don't know a lot but I do at least have some experience, the rest of my family are all major sports fans so I did have to grow up with it.

OK, onto other ramblings! The Evil D&D Campaign has been going well and interesting so far. The party has officially reached level 20 as of Saturday. Their adventures in Limbo went better than I expected, although because of children (there are a total of 7-8 in the house with us which causes just a little bit of a distraction constantly) the puzzles didn't get handled as I intended. But it all worked out, I had to explain and answer a couple of the puzzles myself (this was a new experiment with the in-laws, we don't normally do puzzles like I put together for this session) but they still enjoyed it at least. The rest of the dungeon I didn't get to get finished so it was sort of randomized as far as what was going on which was fun, but eventually they got to where they were ready to escape limbo.

They found a nice old man at the end who silenced the Cleric with a gesture as she started mouthing off to him (the Cleric is my wife incidentally and she actually laughed and didn't get annoyed at me when he silenced her...). The old man was random and pointless and a last minute idea partially pulled from my brother-in-law. I was trying to figure out an appropriate treasure for them to find at the end of this randomness and he requested and really wanted a magic talking sword. For some reason I got stuck on the Chronicles of Amber books when he asked about this; I love those books! So I took Corwins Sword Grayswandir, and Brands Werewindle (he dual wields a longs word and short sword) and turned them into talking swords matching at least some of the descriptions from the books for them. I also took Frakir from the second set of books which belonged to Merlin (well as much as someone can possess a magic sentient object) and gave that to my father-in-law. And the last bit that I didn't explain and they never asked (the kids were acting up a bit at that point) but I did prepare and think out, was that the old man was a guardian between worlds and there was a gateway mentioned in the rooms description as well. This gateway was pointless and they never would have gone through, but I made it so that it was a gateway between realities/worlds/existences/ whatever you want to call it. The gateway actually lead to Amber from the books as well, pointless but mostly for my own amusement

My wife and I are thinking on working on another random project together and I won't go into detail yet as we aren't positive yet, but once we get it figured out more I will probably post something here about it.

And yeah I think this is one of my longest rambling posts so far, and I will end it here with,
Have a good day and thanks for reading.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Home Game and Updates

So yeah, I've been a little behind on most everything lately. Everything has gotten very hectic lately, but hopefully it will all settle down soon. Family having various problems for various reasons that I won't go into (extended family not my wife and children). And I've been having some health issues I'm finally getting looked at which has been making getting things done more difficult. I haven't been able to find time until now to post anything as I have been busy and honestly I've gotten behind in my classes at Pulaski Tech as well. I'm working on getting caught back up in those classes now though.

But enough of me complaining here is some information on what I'm running now.

I've also been working on the Evil Eberron campaign I'm running for my in-laws. They've gotten to level 19 and aren't quite to the end of the campaign yet. We won't get to play for another couple of weeks still, but I've been working on a special random dungeon for them that I'm hoping they will like. It is in essence based in Limbo between the dimensions, and it should have some good randomness going on while they're in there. I'm building a few puzzles and traps for it that I hope they take well. It is a little different from what we normally do, but it should be fun; and I am definitely putting a lot of work into it, which I don't do that often sadly.