Tuesday, March 19, 2013


The Reptilian race varies greatly in their subspecies (if you want to call it that). Most are at least humanoid in boy shape, but usually covered in scales. Some of the race has slowly gained the trait of growing hair on their heads like other humanoid races. The scales on the head of these individuals are usually tiny, making their heads almost indiscernible from flesh. The physical characteristics of the race varies anywhere between snakes and lizards, to turtles even (although the turtle subspecies are rare). The color of their scales varies widely, but usually tend to be a darker color. A lot of the race has been known to have their scales slowly change colors (or darken) to blend into their environment, although this process takes years to happen.

Originally the Reptilian races started out on the same planet as the Insectoid races, this however is no longer the case. The other humanoid races have never been able to get close enough to the Reptilian or Insectoid races to learn the truth about what happened between them. These two races still hold a great hatred for each other. They are not actively at war, but if they end up in the same room fighting normally breaks out (usually beginning with the Reptilians). The Reptilians no longer live on the planet they originally shared with the Insectoid races, and whether or not they were driven out or fled is not known.

Tolrisk is the planet with the largest population of the Reptilian race. They make up 99% of the entire population on the planet. The 1% of the planet that other races can be found in the city of Sorail, which is the only space port on the planet that non-Reptilians are allowed to step foot.

The Reptilians are generally viewed as being evil, or at least very aggressive. Although a lot of the Reptilian’s culture is more forceful than what the other races are used to, the race as a whole is not evil, and violent. They tend to have a hard time working with other races, although this is something they are slowly growing to learn.

Tran                 Reptilian (humanoid-snake)                HP: 15HP                AC: 1             Initiative: 4

Strength: 1
Dexterity: 2
Constitution: 3
Intelligence: 0
Wisdom: 2
Charisma: 0

Base movement speed: 40ft.           Sneak: 20ft.             Run: 80ft.

General Skills (max rank 4 at level 1):
Athletics (STR/DEX): 8 ranks
Conceal (DEX): 4 ranks
Dodge (DEX): 4 ranks
Hide & Sneak (DEX): 6 ranks
Perception (Search, Spot & Listen) (INT/WIS): 4 ranks
Bladed Weapons (STR/DEX): 4 ranks
Ranged Ballistic Weapons (DEX): 8 ranks

Specialty Skills (max rank 4 at level 1):
Animal Handling (WIS): 2 ranks
Medicine (WIS): 4 ranks
Track (WIS): 4 ranks

Talents (max of 4 at level 1):
Amphibian (racial): At home in either air or water, you can breathe in either.
Natural Armor +1 (racial): Gain a bonus of +1 to your Armor Class (AC) due to your scales.
Expert (athletics): can up to rank 8 at level 1, and up to 12 afterwards.
Expert (ranged ballistic weapons): can up to rank 8 at level 1, and up to 12 afterwards.
Stealthy: add +2d to your Hide & Sneak skill.

Complications (First 3 give you more character points to spend: 5 for first, 3 for second, 1 for third):
Missing Limb: Your left arm is missing. It was “lost” during a hunting trip, when your prey got to you first. You can function normally with your other arm, but certain tasks might be deemed harder at the GM’s discretion.