Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I had to think on the elves for a bit to figure out where I wanted them to fit into the galaxy. I think I've got it figured out now.

Elves are one of the few races that are blessed (or cursed, depending on your outlook) with long life. Most elves generally live 3 times as long as humans. Mentally elves are fairly reserved when dealing with other races, but when dealing with their own kind they are usually more open.
Physically elves are the same size as humans. The old way of telling identifying elves through their pointed ears has become obsolete, as the breeding between some humans and elves have left elven children having more rounded humanoid ears along with other more human features, while still having true elven blood. There are no true breeding half-elves in the galaxy, although appearances make it seem like there are, the offspring of humans and elfish parents are either humans or elves no matter their physical differences.
Most elves still honor nature as their ancestors did, and they try to find ways to incorporate this into most things they do or create. One of the more noticeable of these, are their ships. They are still made of the same material as most other races ships, the major difference is that they are usually bigger in size than others. They build large sections of their ships only for the purpose of keeping plant life growing close to them. This is mainly for the comfort they are used to, but also has an added bonus of taking some of the strain off of their oxygen based life support systems.

Elion Whisper                   Elf                           HP: 6                      Initiative: 7

Strength: 1
Dexterity: 3
Constitution: 0
Intelligence: 2
Wisdom: 2
Charisma: 1

Base movement speed:  60ft.                    Sneak: 30ft.                        Run: 120ft.

General Skills (max rank 4 at level 1):
Athletics (STR/DEX): 4 ranks
Bluff (CHA): 2 ranks
Conceal (DEX): 4 ranks
Dodge (DEX): 4 ranks
Hide & Sneak (DEX): 8 ranks
Perception (Spot, Search & Listen) (WIS/INT): 4 ranks
Bladed Weapons (STR/DEX): 4 ranks

Specialty Skills (max rank 4 at level 1):
Pick Locks (INT): 4 ranks
Pick Pockets (DEX): 4 ranks

Talents (max of 4 at level 1):
Agility: +2d to acrobatics, Hide & Sneak; and +10ft to your movement.
Backstab: You can sneak attack with DEX based melee weapons, and add your DEX twice to the attack.
Stealthy:  +2d to Hide & Sneak.
Expert (Hide & Sneak): can up to rank 8 at level 1, and up to 12 afterwards.

Complications (First 3 give you more character points to spend: 5 for first, 3 for second, 1 for third):

Racial Abilities:
Dexterous: -1 black dice for DEX based checks.
Low-Light Vision