Friday, June 7, 2013

Ant (Insectoid)

So I was planning on the Insectoid and Avian racial descriptions to be shorter so I could possibly put them all together in a group (well a group for Insectoid and a group for Avian), but I started writing on this one and it ended up longer that I originally intended. Regardless though, I like how it turned out. So here is the first of the Insectoid races for my game.

The Ant Insectoid race has physical similarities with most earth ants. They stand slightly taller than the average human, and they have 4 legs attached to their lower abdomen that they use for walking. Their upper abdomen has 2 arms (slightly varied legs) that can be used for walking, but are primarily used to perform manipulations much like a humans hands. Their bodies color can vary between different colors, but typically it is some shade of red, or black.

Although large parts of their society have changed from their origins, their physiology has prevents certain things from changing. Ants are social creatures, and prefer the company of people, even if it is not of their own species. The majority of the Ants encountered around the galaxy are females, males are present but it is almost impossible to tell them physically apart from the females. Each colony of Ants has a Queen, which is where all the offspring for the colony come from. The males of the colony are responsible to ensuring the Queen keeps having offspring, although of late more and more male Ants have been able to leave and explore the outside world. Some Ants prefer this method of doing things, seeing it as normal and how their race is supposed to reproduce; but there is a growing faction that is actively trying to change this. Although since it is not a life style choice, but a physiological problem it is slow going to find a way to allow more females to reproduce and change their dependency upon this system.

Although all the Insectoids are looked upon warily by the other races of the galaxy, Ants are probably the most widely accepted species. This is partially due to their social nature, and their general willingness to do what is needed for the community they are living in. A growing population of Ants has started trying to assert their individualism; this is mostly isolated to individuals living outside of the colonies among other races. The easiest way to tell these individuals apart is by their practice of dying their exoskeleton various colors, or by having designs painted onto them instead.

Because of their armor like exoskeleton, and their increased strength most Ants focus on melee fighting when they are forced to fight, although they are more than capable of wielding ranged weapons. Because their physical differences certain equipment has to be special made for them to wield, which makes some of their equipment slightly more costly to obtain.

One similarity between all of the Insectoid races is their inability to speak the other humanoid races languages. They can learn to understand it with no problem, but the differences in their bodies make it impossible for them to actually speak it. The same holds true in reverse also; the dedicated humanoid can eventually learn a rudimentary understanding of the Insectoid races various languages, but they can never speak that language. Humanoids however can have modifications done to their bodies in order to be able to pick up on the chemicals that are used and make up part of the Insectoids languages, making it at least less likely to have a misunderstanding because of communication.

Arlian                    Ant (Insectoid)                          Female

HP: 12
Initiative: 3              
Movement: 40ft.   Run: 80ft.   Sneak: 20ft.

STR: 4
DEX: 1
CON: 2
INT: 0
WIS: 3
CHA: 0

General Skills:
Athletics (STR/DEX): 4 ranks
Empathy/Sense Motive (WIS): 4 ranks
Hand to hand (STR): 8 ranks
Perception (Search, Spot & Listen) (INT/WIS): 4 ranks
Bladed Weapons (STR/DEX): 4 ranks
Bludgeoning Weapons (STR/DEX): 4 ranks
Improvised Weapons (STR/DEX): 4 ranks

Specialty Skills:
Survival (WIS): 4 ranks

Endurance: You have greater endurance than most, when performing a task that is physically taxing (involves STR or CON check) you get to add +2d to your check. (i.e. running for extended periods, holding your breath, or holding someone down for example).
Expert (Hand to Hand): You have a spark of genius in a particular skill. Starting the game you can raise that skill to 8 instead of 4, and later you can spend points to raise that skill up to 12.
Powerful Charge: When you make a charge attack you gain +6d to your damage instead of the normal +3d if you connect. Other penalties still apply.
Unarmed Attack: When fighting unarmed you can add +2d to your combat roll in order to strike an opponent, showing your training in fighting without weapons.


Racial Abilities:
Bite (Hand to hand): You can attempt to bite an opponent. It is counted as an unarmed attack with +2d to attack, and 2+STR dice in damage.
Improved Grab: If an opponent is hit with your bite you can attempt a grapple automatically.
Natural Armor +1