Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Canidae (canine)

The Canidae are a humanoid race that shares many characteristics of canines and/or wolves. Their faces generally look more canine although occasionally a more human looking appearance has been seen amongst them. Their bodies are covered in fur which can vary widely in length and thickness. The color of the fur also varies widely giving each individual a unique physical appearance that usually makes it easy to tell them apart from others of their own race. Their size also varies widely with some Canidae being very small in size while others can easily tower over the general human.

One thing that every Canidae has in common is their enhanced sense of smell. This has led to them being considered excellent trackers. It varies on whether they are tracking a criminal or using their sense to avoid the law. Personalities tend to vary as they do with most intelligent races. Some Canidae are timid and polite, while others may be outspoken and cruel. The one personality trait that seems to stick with them no matter their individual ethical differences is their loyalty to their perceived friends and comrades. Even the cruelest of Canidae take their loyalty to their companions and friends seriously, although it may not come out in the way the companions/friends expect or like. Although Canidae have decent claws, and their teeth give them a nasty bite, the use of their claws or teeth in a fight is frowned upon as signs of immaturity in the young, and being mentally ill in adults. Once an adult Canidae kills another creature with their claws or teeth they are shunned by their own kind; although there are groups of Canidae that see this as a sign of strength instead of weakness and welcome these individuals.

Canidae are generally friendly with any race, of course there are exceptions depending on where you go in the galaxy but that is the same with any intelligent race. Their home planet is shared with both the Felidae (Feline) and Avian races, and they generally have good dealings with both of these races because of this. The Canidae don’t actually have a large governing body of Canidae alone, they are integrated into many governments of the other races. They are generally considered one of the only non-corruptible races, although there are rare exceptions to this of course. The most noteworthy contribution of the Canidae to the galaxy is the creation and maintenance of the largest galactic prison. The prison is called the Frozen Goddess, which seems like a silly name. The prison is on a nameless planet on the outskirts of a small star, which means the planet is frozen. The prison is actually deep in the ice of the planet so as to keep relatively warm. The extreme temperatures on the surface of the planet can easily kill most any creatures which make it highly suited to prevent escape. The Canidae originally built this prison and still make up roughly 70% of the guards there; Orcs make up about 20% of the guard and the last 10% is a mix of the other races.

Tindell Loaper          Canidae (canine)             Male

HP: 18        Initiative: 4

Movement: 40ft.           Run: 80ft                Sneak: 20ft

STR: 2
DEX: 2
CON: 3
INT: 1
WIS: 0
CHA: 1

General Skills:
Athletics (STR/DEX): 4 ranks
Bluff (CHA): 4 ranks
Charm (CHA): 4 ranks
Dodge (DEX): 4 ranks
Hand to hand (STR): 4 ranks
Hide & Sneak (DEX): 4 ranks
Perception (Search, Spot & Listen) (INT/WIS): 4 ranks
Weapon, Bladed (STR/DEX): 4 ranks
Weapon, Ranged Energy (DEX): 4 ranks

Specialty Skills:
Interrogation (CHA): 4 ranks
Medicine (WIS): 4 ranks

Acute Sense (smell) (racial): On actions involving your sense of smell you gain +2d to your dice pool.
Loyal (racial): You are loyal to your friends and companions. Any attempt to alter your perception of your allies, is done with +3 black dice.
Combat Sense: Your reflexes are keyed for danger, allowing you to react faster than normal. You get to add 1 to your initiative attribute. This can be taken as many times are your Dexterity value.
Toughness: You gain 1 extra dice to your health.