Monday, November 5, 2012


Dwarves are short statured beings, with fairly humanoid features. They are generally stubborn, although it has been known for some to overcome this basic urge. The old tradition was for them to grow their beards to long lengths as a show of power. There are a few groups that still practice this, but it is largely ignored by the current dwarven society.

The main resources that dwarves export to the other races are materials from their mining. Barring a few hermits and the like, dwarves don’t live in caves but prefer to build homes away from the mines. Their homes are usually misconstrued as caves because they do like to keep everything close at hand, meaning that their homes and their ships alike are usually built with short ceilings, tight corridors and small rooms.

Dwarves are usually misconstrued as being greedy, hoarders. This is untrue assumption is based upon a few powerful dwarves in the past who were greedy tyrants, who tended to make themselves noticed in their attempt to gain more power. Their current system of government was finally put in place in an attempt to quell any attempts for one person alone to gain control of the people.

Technocracy is the form the government has taken for the largest dwarven nation, although the other countries still use other forms to govern their people. There are many different fields that make up the government, but the largest two groups are mining, and although it is not technological exactly the magical society is the other largest group.

Dwarven magic users are held in high regard among the other dwarves, even if their abilities are extremely limited. Dwarven mages are referred to as Silver Spirits amongst their own, and the majority of their members keep their facial hair shaved, while the hair on their head varies in length by personal preference. The lack of facial hair is by no means a requirement, just a general practice from the past.

Gillian Kierre                      Dwarf                    HP: 12HP              Initiative: 7

Strength: 1
Dexterity: 2
Constitution: 2
Intelligence: 2
Wisdom: 2
Charisma: 0

Base movement speed:  40ft.                    Sneak: 20ft.                        Run: 80ft.

General Skills (max rank 4 at level 1):
Athletics (STR/DEX): 4 ranks
Concentration (CON): 4 ranks
Dance (DEX): 4 ranks
Empathy/Sense Motive (WIS): 4 ranks
Perception (Search/Spot/Listen) (INT/WIS): 4 ranks
Weapon Ranged Energy (DEX): 8 ranks

Specialty Skills (max rank 4 at level 1):
Appraise (INT): 4 ranks
Photography (INT): 2 ranks
Research (INT): 4 ranks

Talents (max of 4 at level 1):
Combat Sense: add 1 to your initiative.
Expert: Ranged Energy Weapons
Deadly Shot (twice): add +2d damage to ranged energy weapons

Complications (First 3 give you more character points to spend: 5 for first, 3 for second, 1 for third):
Stubborn (racial): When someone disagrees with you, you must get at least 1 success on a wisdom or concentration check or go to extreme lengths to prove you’re correct