Monday, October 15, 2012

Monstorous Monday - Zombie Cow

I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do for this Monday, and my wife recommended an undead cow, so here is my Zombie Cow, enjoy.

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Zombie Cow

Rank: 5
Physical Competence: 6
Mental Competence: 0
Health: 24
Armor: 4

Ageless: You never age, and are not subject to diseases of any kind.

Immunity Bludgeoning Weapons: You are immune to bludgeoning damage.

Immunity Mind Affecting abilities: You are immune to mind affecting abilities and spells.

Vulnerability to Fire: You take a -2 penalty against attacks of this nature.

Mindless: Mental competence is automatically 0. Any skill associated with mental competence automatically fails.

Hunger for Fresh Cow meat: If you do not feed on fresh cow meat at least once every 2 days you lose 1 point from your physical competence every 2 days that cannot be recovered until you have satisfied your hunger.

Combat Abilities:
Slam/Gore:         Attack 12             Damage 8d6 Plus an Athletics check against the rolled successes to avoid falling prone.

Trample:              Attack 12 (target takes -4 penalty for being prone)           Damage 6d6
(trample can only be used on prone targets)

Zombie cows are a product of bored and lazy Necromancers. When there is a lack of more humanoid subjects to animate, and they don't feel like searching for more; some sad necromancers will turn to testing their death spells on animals, before reanimating them to see what amusement they can offer in the joy (or curse) of un-death. After they are created the necromancer usually abandons them, as their extreme lack of intelligence makes them ill- suited for anything besides roaming around to feed.


  1. I am reminded of the Frank Zappa song "Zombie Woof". And that is a very good thing in my book.

    And a joke my 9-year old told me.
    "What do Zombie cows eat?"

  2. Very creepy. Now I've got an image of a deadly cow in my head. Thanks!