Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Home Game and Updates

So yeah, I've been a little behind on most everything lately. Everything has gotten very hectic lately, but hopefully it will all settle down soon. Family having various problems for various reasons that I won't go into (extended family not my wife and children). And I've been having some health issues I'm finally getting looked at which has been making getting things done more difficult. I haven't been able to find time until now to post anything as I have been busy and honestly I've gotten behind in my classes at Pulaski Tech as well. I'm working on getting caught back up in those classes now though.

But enough of me complaining here is some information on what I'm running now.

I've also been working on the Evil Eberron campaign I'm running for my in-laws. They've gotten to level 19 and aren't quite to the end of the campaign yet. We won't get to play for another couple of weeks still, but I've been working on a special random dungeon for them that I'm hoping they will like. It is in essence based in Limbo between the dimensions, and it should have some good randomness going on while they're in there. I'm building a few puzzles and traps for it that I hope they take well. It is a little different from what we normally do, but it should be fun; and I am definitely putting a lot of work into it, which I don't do that often sadly.