Thursday, October 9, 2014

Gaming! and Future Plans

Well I've been just a little busy here lately and haven't gotten around to posting anything on here. Between school for me and my 3 kids along with working and everything else I've been extremely distracted.

The evil campaign I've been running for the in-laws has been going well, and actually this weekend should be the last session with it again (they are level 23 now). After that the in-laws are wanting to test out the new D&D 5th edition game since my father-in-law bought the books that are available at the moment.
Looks like it could be fun at least, I'm not picky about the game I play as long as I can play. I've heard good and bad things about the new edition and honestly I don't care either way. A game is a game and until I play it I can't make an decision on whether or not I like it. Although being that it is a game I'm sure I will find something to enjoy about it regardless of anything else. I hope that rambling made sense as I didn't intend to start into that, oh well.

I've not had the time or concentration to work on my own game lately, but I still plan on putting more work into it at some point.

As far as updates, me and my wife have decided to go in on working on something creative together and are in the process of working on a Web-comic using 3d figures (I'll be making the panels/pages/images in DAZ Studio). Might turn out well, or might be horrible but either way we are giving it a go as a way for us to do something together, so should be fun either way.

With all three kids in school now it is nice but stressful at the same time as that means they are getting bigger and older. Our oldest daughter wants to play softball again when that comes around (not until spring at least), and the middle daughter is participating in the Youth Football group in our area as a cheerleader, the youngest is only in pre-k and hasn't wanted to get involved in anything yet.

Well enough of my ramblings for now I'll try to post something sooner without a huge break between them this time. Have a good one anyone who happens to read this. :)