Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Silver Divinity related pictures

I've been playing with DAZ Studio lately and I've made a few pictures with the Silver Divinity setting in mind.

I know its not new game information, but it is slightly related at least, and I just thought I would share. There are a few other random ones on my Deviant Art page, but these were the ones most related to my game.

Scynge is my Deviant Art name and the link is attached if anyone is interested in looking at the other pictures.


Human and Fairy

These last two are for the Feline race and I haven't figured out which I like better, the more humanoid one my friend likes and it is nicer to look at; but the more feline looking one is sort of what I pictures more.

Feline Test 1

Feline Test 2
 If anyone has an opinion then feel free to let me know, thanks for reading and/or looking.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Experiments part 2 (of 2) - Giants

It took me longer than I intended to finish righitng this up for the Giants, but here it is.

The giants are easily the largest and strongest (in physical strength) of all the humanoid races. Like the doppelgangers they are not a natural race within the galaxy. When the humanoid races had their first major war, it was against the Insectoid races; the reptilian races joined the attack as an individual party during the war also. Although the war was pretty much at a stalemate after a few years, the humanoids were nervous and scared of the Insectoids sheer numbers. In response to this they began trying to create better soldiers. The Doppelgangers were meant to be their spies and assassins, while the original giants were meant to be a stronger soldier.

The original giants were only a foot or two taller than most humanoids, although they were thicker in their bodies. They were about five times as strong as the normal human, and this gave them a big advantage in most situations. But during tests they found out that three to four Insectoids could easily outmatch their strength when they worked together, which was a major advantage for the Insectoids as they naturally worked together better than any humanoids due to their methods of communication.

The scientists working on the project wanted to make the soldiers stronger than the combined strength of the Insectoids. When they started the process of making them stronger, they started slowly like normal. No one knows what happened after that, but the test subject’s strength did improve greatly. While their strength grew so did their size, and although the facilities were equipped with materials specifically designed to contain the stronger subjects, they quickly grew strong enough to break free.

The facility that these experiments were performed was a small planet with a very low population. During the Giants (as the scientists referred to them afterwards) breakout and escape the facility was all but destroyed. Some of the personnel were killed, but the majority escaped the rampage.

In current times Giants still inhabit the planet on which they were created. They live fairly isolated lives as most creatures are scared of their enormous size and strength. Giants physically resemble most humanoids with two arms and two legs. Appearance wise they can vary greatly, some appear to be more human while some resemble elves, while others can resemble orcs. Giant’s height generally ranges between 1000 ft. and 1200 ft.

Due to their enormous size there are very few giants outside of their home planet. A few giants have paid or convinced large enough ships that have stopped at their planet to take them elsewhere, but this is rare. Giants use more primitive technology, which leads most beings to consider them to be unintelligent. This is not the case however, Giants have the same average intelligence as most humanoids, but due to their sheer size it is nearly impossible to find technology they can use without breaking, and it’s even harder to make technology big enough to accommodate them.

Example Giant


HP: 150                 Initiative: 12                      AC: 5 (natural)

STR: 25
DEX: 8
CON: 20
INT: 2
WIS: 2
CHA: 0

Base Movement: 100 ft.               Run: 200 ft.         Sneak: 50 ft.

Athletics (STR/DEX): 10 ranks
Dodge (DEX): 6 ranks
Hand to Hand (STR): 15 ranks
Intimidate (CHA): 10 ranks
Perception (INT/WIS): 10 ranks
Weapons (all melee) (DEX): 10 ranks

Specialty Skills:
Knowledge (geography): 8 ranks
Survival (WIS): 8 ranks
Track (WIS): 8 ranks

Endurance: You have greater endurance than most, when performing a task that is physically taxing (involves STR or CON check) you get to add +2d to your check. (i.e. running for extended periods, holding your breath, or holding someone down for example).
Iron Grip: You gain a +1 bonus to combat and damage rolls involving grapple and chocking. You also gain +2d to avoid being disarmed by an opponent. This can be taken a maximum of 3 times.
Toughness: You gain an additional die of health. (taken 3 times)