Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Game

So we are having some friends and family over at our house tonight for new years eve. My wife is trying to find things to do with them, and asked me to put together a quick one night game for us to possibly play with everybody.

I decided to make a short game set in my Silver Divinity game. I'm working on some characters for them to choose from, and much to my wife's amusement I decided to start them out as patients in an asylum of sorts. They are going to start with only a gown to wear and nothing else, as well as being in completely different rooms. They are all going to be under the effects of basically a drug induced amnesia, although because of some outside circumstances their memories are slowly returning (they only remember their name and vaguely what they are capable of, but don't remember anything about their pasts at the moment).

I think they should have fun with this, or at least I hope they do. I'll probably post a follow up to this as long as we actually play the game.

Happy New Year to everyone.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New page - Zindel's Rage

I've been busy lately finishing up the semester for school, and haven't gotten to work on my game too much. Planning on trying to get more done over the holiday break.

One of the classes I took last summer was creative writing, and I wrote a short story based in the Silver Divinity galaxy, although it is in the past. I enjoyed it and thought I would share it on here. I have put it on its own page here if anyone is interested in reading it.

Feel free to leave a comment if you like or dislike it, I enjoy critique.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Gaming with the kids

This is a story me, Kim and the girls made while playing a game we bought for them awhile back. It is a silly game, but is quite fun. It is actually meant for higher age groups, but it is fairly easy to get it ready to play for younger ages.

 DO: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple is the name of the game.

This is the letter that we answered, which is what the pilgrims are supposed to do.

Dear Pilgrims of the flying temple,

Hi how are you! My name is Melanie. I come from a very small planet.
There is me, my house, my cat, and two trees.
I am not so good, because my planet has been eaten by a whale.
It is a very small planet. I woke up and I was inside a whale. I don’t want to get (more) eaten.
Please help!
your friend
Melanie (age 8)
P.S. I will make you cookies.

Here were our names:
Pilgrim Stubborn Earth – Eric (me)
Pilgrim Pretty Fairy – Izabel (5 year old daughter)
Pilgrim Quiet Beast – Barbara (7 year old daughter)
Pilgrim Kind Flower – Kim (my wife)

Pilgrim Stubborn Earth, Pretty Fairy, and Kind Flower went to the planet while Pilgrim Quiet Beast stayed outside of the whale.
Pilgrim stubborn earth tries to help by throwing dirt in the whale to make it cough the planet up. Melanie tries to tell him that the whale just ate a bunch of dirt and it won’t work.
Pilgrim pretty fairy tries to steal a cookie. She gets caught and decides to give the cookie back.
Pilgrim quiet beast tries to talk to the whale to get it to let the planet out. The whale doesn’t hear her though because she is too quiet.
Pilgrim kind flower makes the trees grow really tall to tickle the whale’s stomach, so it will throw the planet up. If the trees grow too tall though, they will break her house, so she can’t make them big enough to help.
Pilgrim stubborn earth tries to move all the dirt from the planet outside instead. But Melanie stops him as he would destroy her home if he did that.
Pilgrim pretty fairy tries to steal Melanie’s pretty cat this time. But decides not too when Melanie notices.
Pilgrim quiet beast is so quiet that the whale doesn’t notice her and runs over her.
Pilgrim kind flower tries to grow the grass instead of the trees. But all the grass is gone because pilgrim stubborn earth is moving all the dirt.
Pilgrim stubborn earth stops moving the last of the dirt so he doesn’t destroy Melanie’s planet and home. He eats one of her cookies before finishing helping though.
Pilgrim Stubborn Earth made the planet a different shape by moving the dirt, giving Melanie more room to live.
The cat decided to go with Pilgrim Pretty Fairy because it liked her.
The whale noticed Pilgrim Quiet Beast when it hit her and stopped to listen and let the planet out.
Pilgrim Kind Flower found some hidden seeds, and made them grow; covering Melanie’s planet in fresh grass.