Friday, November 2, 2012

Races and Other Thoughts

So sitting down and writing up an explanation behind the races in my world is taking awhile. Between work, school, and three kids it is fun trying to find time to work on personal projects.

It is partially taking me awhile to write things for the races as I am constantly researching and looking things up, about what has been done before, what certain mythologies say, and what each races role in the galaxy would be.

Although some might have similarities to what has been done before, I am trying to steer clear of that too much. One thing I am trying to keep in mind as I'm working on this is that in any race there is bound to be diversity, so I am trying to state the general things that make each race unique so that it does not make it to where a whole race is considered: magical/technological/good/evil/etc...

Dwarves are what I'm working on next and I am finding them to be very interesting.