Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Game

So we are having some friends and family over at our house tonight for new years eve. My wife is trying to find things to do with them, and asked me to put together a quick one night game for us to possibly play with everybody.

I decided to make a short game set in my Silver Divinity game. I'm working on some characters for them to choose from, and much to my wife's amusement I decided to start them out as patients in an asylum of sorts. They are going to start with only a gown to wear and nothing else, as well as being in completely different rooms. They are all going to be under the effects of basically a drug induced amnesia, although because of some outside circumstances their memories are slowly returning (they only remember their name and vaguely what they are capable of, but don't remember anything about their pasts at the moment).

I think they should have fun with this, or at least I hope they do. I'll probably post a follow up to this as long as we actually play the game.

Happy New Year to everyone.