Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Silver Divinity related pictures

I've been playing with DAZ Studio lately and I've made a few pictures with the Silver Divinity setting in mind.

I know its not new game information, but it is slightly related at least, and I just thought I would share. There are a few other random ones on my Deviant Art page, but these were the ones most related to my game.

Scynge is my Deviant Art name and the link is attached if anyone is interested in looking at the other pictures.


Human and Fairy

These last two are for the Feline race and I haven't figured out which I like better, the more humanoid one my friend likes and it is nicer to look at; but the more feline looking one is sort of what I pictures more.

Feline Test 1

Feline Test 2
 If anyone has an opinion then feel free to let me know, thanks for reading and/or looking.