Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Year's update finally

I figured I would try to put out an update since I haven't posted lately.
Hopefully the next thing I post is either the Feline or Canine race description. I've got them worked out in my head, just need to sit down and type them up now.

I've gotten a lot of the basic game information done already and have gotten to test it with a few people. So far they have seemed to like the game play and setting, which I'm excited about. I'm wanting to upload a copy of the basics on here, but I need to redo it and organize it before I do that. I typed it out and organized it in Excel, which is handy although doesn't always transfer over well to PDF afterwards for me, and isn't as easy to update and keep looking decent.

I've gotten the magic system pretty well reworked I think, although I haven't gotten to test it out yet. It is more of a free form system which I think will work well with the Silver Divinity setting. Planning on talking a couple of people into helping me test it out soon to see how it works.

I hope everyone had a good new year.