Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Updates and Trash Golems

So I've been busy lately and haven't gotten to update certain things I have wanted to for my game. I have gotten to show what I have typed up for it though and I have gotten some good ideas and thoughts on different things also.

I'm not entirely sure yet, but I might be changing the core rule/dice system for my game project soon. I don't have high hopes of it ever happening but the Heresy engine from Cubicle7 that I'm using is not open source sadly (although I like the system a lot!). But we will just see how it all turns out in the future.

I wrote this up today as I saw a picture on Cracked that made me laugh and got me to thinking of this, and I thought I would share it. It's a silly creature, but I thought it might be interesting.

Trash Golem

Rank: 10
Physical Competence: 12
Mental Competence: 0
Health: 50
Armor: 4

Ageless: You never age, and are not subject to diseases of any kind.

Immunity Ballistic ranged Weapons: You are immune to ballistic ranged damage.

Immunity Mind Affecting abilities: You are immune to mind affecting abilities and spells.

Immunity Wind attacks: You are immune to wind based spells and attacks.

Immunity Cold attacks: You are immune to cold based spells and attacks.

Immune to grapple: grapple attacks, or any ability or spell that attempts to hold a trash golem automatically fails.

Indestructible: While a trash golem resides in a landfill it is considered indestructible.

Vulnerability to Fire: You take a -2 penalty against attacks of this nature.

Mindless: Mental competence is automatically 0. Any skill associated with mental competence automatically fails.

Combat Abilities:
Slam/Gore: Attack 15 Damage 12d6 Plus an Athletics check against the rolled successes to avoid falling prone.

Trample: Attack 15 (target takes -4 penalty to avoid for being prone) Damage 10d6 (trample can only be used on prone targets)

Trash golems are born in essence rather than created. Before the modern age, there was an excessive amount of waste created by many different races. This waste was usually put into a land fill of some sort on the subject races respective planet. With the introduction of newer technology a lot of races began to dispose of the waste left behind in a way that made it reusable or just incinerated. Not all landfills were emptied though, and after a while a lot of them were forgotten completely. No one knows if it started because of natural magic building up in these areas, or if magical items accumulated and started affecting the objects around them. Either way massive heaps of trash began to slowly form into shapes resembling humanoid and animal bodies.

Trash golems are neither evil nor good, and rarely travel beyond their landfill. While they reside in their landfill they are indestructible and cannot be grappled or held in any way. Attempts to grapple them with a spell, ability, or item always fail, as the golem’s body let’s grappling objects slide between the different components inside it, taking away any area that would give a good hold. Attempts at destroying its body fail while it is in its landfill, as it can instantly reform anything from the trash around it.

The only true way to destroy a trash golem is to remove its landfill, and then remove any pieces knocked off of it before it can reattach the pieces.