Monday, April 8, 2013


Religion is a varied thing in the galaxy as a whole. Many areas, whether there are multiple races or a single race, have many different religious groups within a small area. Generally speaking all religions are both right and wrong in varying degrees. Some religions believe in a truly omnipotent being when they think of a God, while others think of an extremely powerful being that seems god-like. Typically God-like beings share a distinction of being cast down at some point whether they are killed or just driven out varies greatly. The other shared characteristic of these beings, which is also shared by the monotheistic believers, is that the God-like beings either represent specific mortal emotions, or seem to think and act just like the person thinks another mortal would.

The truth behind a lot of these beliefs is something most mortal beings wouldn’t be able to accept easily (especially if their faith is strong in their deity).There is only one true deity in the Silver Divinity galaxy, this being is a truly omnipotent being, unlike the other God-like beings that are worshipped. Some religions are based off of worship of what they believe to be a deity, but the truth is that it is likely a misinterpretation of the true deity of the galaxy with a more mortal perspective added. The other explanation that is true for a lot of other religions is that their worship is directed not towards a true deity, but a once mortal being of immense magical power. As these beings grow powerful enough and their influence expands their true beginnings get twisted until they are believed to be gods themselves (and more often than not they themselves believe this).

Most of the god-like beings are long dead and followers of them are left unknowingly worshiping a long dead being. Some have gained the ability to slow their aging process to the extent that they seem to be a true ageless deity, although most of these tend to stay hidden away from most everyone in order to avoid the fall that is typically associated with their kind.

The true God of the galaxy is genderless, formless and nameless. It has no need for a name or form, because no being in the entire galaxy knows the truth about the true God (to help with confusion I’m going to refer to the true god as a she). She typically stays removed from the galaxy as a whole, preferring to observe the mortal beings running around on all the little planets before her. On rare occasions she has been known to interact with the galaxy, although the reasons behind these interactions are unknown.

There are two events in the mortal world that are probably the most important of her interactions. The first was the introduction of magic use to the mortal races. The second was the introduction of Humans into the galaxy. Although they were not created by her, she did grant them permission (although not that they know or knew at the time that they needed permission) to make their new home in her galaxy. The last major thing she did was associated with humans, in which she blocked the memory of all creatures about how the humans came to be in the galaxy. She did not remove the memory completely, which might show that she is only blocking the information until she thinks the humans and other races are ready for the truth.