Tuesday, May 14, 2013


School is finally over and I'm trying to get everything situated now so I can sit down and work on my Silver Divinity project some more. I've got some things planned for it, and some changes to make; and I've asked my brother-in-law to help me with the weapons in the game. He is a veteran and loves to play any kind of tabletop RPG, and I'm hoping he can help me make the weapons work right (i.e. range, damage, ROF, etc...).

Everything has been busy even after school as I am now having to rush to finish working on a couple of websites I've been asked to make for people.

The magic system itself I've not worked up on how it is going to function exactly, but the things I do have in mind are fairly basic and simple.

I'm wanting to have two typed of casters. One type studies to learn how to cast magic spells (like a wizard would), and their spells generally take longer to cast but tend to do more damage since they are generally more focused and refined. Their spell list is going to be defined, although the possibility of creating your own spells will be there I think.

The other caster type mimics a Sorcerer in D&D. They are going to be a free-form (I hope) caster type. Their spells are quicker to cast and they are more versatile in situations but the damage of their spells is going to be slightly lower than the other caster type. Although I'm not positive yet I think I would like to call the more sorcerer style caster Conduits (Silly I know but I like it).

I'm going to try to get something on these worked up soon, along with the last of the racial descriptions.