Monday, June 3, 2013


Dragons are something I like a lot, and I've been thinking about trying to fit them into the Silver Divinity galaxy. As of this moment I have yet to come up with any ideas that I like, or that fit with the galaxy I have in mind.

The one thing I have found that I liked so far is a small idea in that dragons are somewhere in the galaxy but they tend to keep to themselves, and only a very small handful of people know where they actually are located. I also would like them to be intelligent, and not just bestial creatures.

This is a fairly short post considering its been a little while since I posted last, which I missed posting during a couple of events I originally intended to.

Over the last week though I've had my hot water heater stop working, and although we've got it started again (its electric) it is leaking every so lightly, but enough to have to replace it sadly.

The day after that stopped working temporarily our air conditioning decided it was tired of working also. We got it working again too, but yesterday it decided to stop for good. Luckily my mothers fiancee had a window unit for us to borrow until we can get our main unit working, which hopefully won't take too long.

So between those two and having a lot of dental work done I've been fairly distracted from everything. This is the end to my short ramblings for now.