Thursday, August 22, 2013

School and Lack of Updates

I've been meaning to post something new or just something in general but takes hold at times and doesn't let go for a while.

This week so far my Wife and I started another semester of school, our oldest started 2nd grade, her little sister started Kindergarten, while the youngest daughter is stuck hanging out by herself until we can get her in daycare.

Next month or two aren't looking promising as far as free time is concerned. My mother is getting married to a great guy soon, and my Grandmother that lives in Arizona is driving to Arkansas for the wedding. My Grandmother and her husband are going to be staying down here for a little while before they head home which is great!

We've got a lot going on and me being the smart one decided that I would make this in an attempt to give myself less free time (although that wasn't the original thought behind it).

So yeah I'm going to try to force myself to sit down for a little bit to work on my game some soon. I need to get the last of the racial descriptions out along with a few other things. Hopefully I can get something out that someone will find interesting at least.