Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Corrupted and Evil Characters; Running another game!

So we have only played once so far, but we are running a game at my house, which I talked about previously.

The main group I play with are my in-laws, and around 2009-2010 I DM'd my first big game for them. It was a D&D 3.5 game based in Eberron, and the characters were all evil in various degrees. I got a few questions regarding how that wouldn't work or would fall apart from infighting, but honestly the group took to it and ran with it with some enthusiasm.

They got to around level 14 (starting at 1 of course), and we put the game on temporary hold so I could get certain things situated with starting school and other various things.

Our current DM (my father-in-law) has decided that he wants to take a break for a little while and just play instead of DM. And I have been requested to resume the evil campaign I was running. I still remember where they ended and all the major events that happened up to where they ended, which is good as I know they won't remember any of it.

But it should be fun and interesting running a game at home and one at the in-laws house; and it should be amusing as in one game the characters are corrupted and the other they are just evil.