Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Evil Campaign and Other Ramblings

So yeah as always work and home life are keeping me busy, which is draining my mental energy which I keep trying to reserve so I can work on a post or on my Silver Divinity project. But alas I haven't been able to lately. But enough of that onto my ramblings!

On a side note, my oldest daughter (I have 3 daughters) turned 9 April 6th, and she started Softball practice that following Thursday, which her grandmother paid for as her Birthday gift. I'm not much of a sports person myself, well to be honest I like playing with family and that is it, I don't care to watch it either. But I am excited that my daughter is playing if only for the reason that she is excited herself. She has never really played a sport before so this should be fun, I can at least help some; I don't know a lot but I do at least have some experience, the rest of my family are all major sports fans so I did have to grow up with it.

OK, onto other ramblings! The Evil D&D Campaign has been going well and interesting so far. The party has officially reached level 20 as of Saturday. Their adventures in Limbo went better than I expected, although because of children (there are a total of 7-8 in the house with us which causes just a little bit of a distraction constantly) the puzzles didn't get handled as I intended. But it all worked out, I had to explain and answer a couple of the puzzles myself (this was a new experiment with the in-laws, we don't normally do puzzles like I put together for this session) but they still enjoyed it at least. The rest of the dungeon I didn't get to get finished so it was sort of randomized as far as what was going on which was fun, but eventually they got to where they were ready to escape limbo.

They found a nice old man at the end who silenced the Cleric with a gesture as she started mouthing off to him (the Cleric is my wife incidentally and she actually laughed and didn't get annoyed at me when he silenced her...). The old man was random and pointless and a last minute idea partially pulled from my brother-in-law. I was trying to figure out an appropriate treasure for them to find at the end of this randomness and he requested and really wanted a magic talking sword. For some reason I got stuck on the Chronicles of Amber books when he asked about this; I love those books! So I took Corwins Sword Grayswandir, and Brands Werewindle (he dual wields a longs word and short sword) and turned them into talking swords matching at least some of the descriptions from the books for them. I also took Frakir from the second set of books which belonged to Merlin (well as much as someone can possess a magic sentient object) and gave that to my father-in-law. And the last bit that I didn't explain and they never asked (the kids were acting up a bit at that point) but I did prepare and think out, was that the old man was a guardian between worlds and there was a gateway mentioned in the rooms description as well. This gateway was pointless and they never would have gone through, but I made it so that it was a gateway between realities/worlds/existences/ whatever you want to call it. The gateway actually lead to Amber from the books as well, pointless but mostly for my own amusement

My wife and I are thinking on working on another random project together and I won't go into detail yet as we aren't positive yet, but once we get it figured out more I will probably post something here about it.

And yeah I think this is one of my longest rambling posts so far, and I will end it here with,
Have a good day and thanks for reading.