Thursday, May 22, 2014

Evil Campaign/A-Kon/Wife's Costume

So yeah busy as always.

Been playing our Evil campaign when we can which has been fun so far. They are getting into the military/way part of the story which is leading up to the end (which I'm still trying to figure out what exactly that is). Brother-in-law was in the army and went overseas a while back, and as such he has been asked/volunteered to help me get a handle on ideas for the war/military portion of this campaign. Which to be honest the main reason they are participating/starting a war is because he liked the idea of participating in a D&D campaign with a war in it, so I incorporated that into the campaign they were running. Should be interesting as they are now level 20. But hopefully I can handle it well enough for them to enjoy.

So A-Kon is going on in Dallas on June 6th - 8th, and my cousin also lives in Dallas. He has been down to visit a number of times but I've not gotten the chance to go visit him yet. Well the wife and I finally got a little money put back to make a trip up there to see him as well as attend A-Kon! My wife is super excited because she loves my cousin as do I. Me and him are similar in most things (most of our personality, and our sense of humor), although I prefer women and he prefers men, which makes for some amusing conversations.

Anyway, my wife decided she wanted to cosplay in essence. She dyed her hair the other day for it as well. Tonight she wanted to see how everything looked all together and so I took a picture for myself and for her to get an idea of what it all looked like as we don't have a full length mirror or anything in our house. She assumed I would post it on here and I figured why not as she seemed to like the idea. So here is my wonderful wife wearing her outfit for A-Kon.

My wife Kim in her outfit for A-Kon.