Friday, July 11, 2014


So I am staying busy at the moment. Working full time, school is out for the summer at the moment at least, although I did sort of take on a second job. I was paid to build a website for the Doctor's office where my Mother works, and now I am also their IT guy (unless something major comes up). Not a full time job exactly but takes extra time on lunches and weekends when minor things happen.

The In-Laws are still playing the Evil campaign I am running. They are level 20 now and starting a war. And finally with the help of my brother-in-law (the war part is more for him as he really wanted to try a somewhat war like campaign), I have an idea on what to do with this war campaign that they will like!

I'm wanting to run a small campaign at my home as well but sadly I don't have enough people willing to come over and play. Oh well, maybe in the future.

So I've also been making pictures still with Daz-Studio, and I had an idea for a picture that got a little more initiative to get done with the help of my mother. She keeps picking on me about turning my children into "nerds" as she puts it, so I decided to go along with doing this picture for myself and so I could send it to her.

So my wife and daughters helped me make this by designing their own characters for me to setup.

Kim my wife's is the angel with white wings and blue outfit.
Barbara my 9 year old daughter is the red armored mage.
Izabel my 6 year old is the angel with blue/yellow/red wings (and mulan's dress).
Kira my 4 year old is the fairy.
Eric is me, and mine is the female with the spear and shield (character I'm planning out to play for the next time I get to play a game instead of run one)

I sent this to my mother as well just to make her laugh at me which was effective and amusing.

So yeah, more updates later and hopefully some new information on my Silver Divinity game (since this blog is supposed to be about that).