Monday, June 16, 2014

Funerals, Life, and Games

So yeah I've been meaning to post something on here but life always intervenes.

My Grandfather passed away on Wednesday June 11th at 5 A.M. he was 86. His funeral was Saturday and it went as well as a funeral can be expected. His obituary is here (mostly putting it here for myself I suppose) Willie A. (Bill) Fowler.

Father's day was good but depressing as can be expected considering we had a Funeral the day before it. My wife made me catfish and hush-puppies for Father's Day dinner, which is awesome (I rarely get to eat it at home as I'm the only one in the house that will eat it). Mostly I sat around Sunday and actually played Bioshock Infinite. I started it Saturday night after the funeral and spending time with family and I finished it Sunday night. I loved the game to be honest, the story was wonderful and the ending was great!

My oldest daughter is still playing softball and is super excited now as she finally hit the ball!

My Evil D&D campaign I'm running for the In-Laws is going well so far, they've gotten to level 20 now and are in the process of initiating a war. I'm hoping I can handle what I've setup and been working towards for them, but we shall see.

I'm planning on posting more sometime soon to do with my Silver Divinity RPG project. We went to A-Kon and although I had a digital copy of the Savage Worlds book, I found a physical copy there that I bought. I prefer to have a physical book to look at when doing things.

Well I suppose that is enough updates for the moment, if you actually read through any of this then Thank You! And if you didn't then Thank You anyway!