Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Race thoughts and Examples

I started posting information about the races in my setting. Mostly describing how their mentality is racially, or how they are perceived by the other races. I thought I would do something else along with that and start writing up characters for each race as I put their descriptions down.

As I've already put down the Humans and Orcs I'm adding their character examples below. Just as a quick reference: during character creation each race has their own starting ability scores, then you get 3 points to increase your abilities, although you cannot put more than 2 of those on one attribute.
You also get 50 points to purchase your skills and talents with, although you have to spend at least 30 points on your skills alone, but it doesn't matter if they are specialty or general skills.


Therin Willow        Male Human            HP: 9           Initiative: 7

Strength: 1
Dexterity: 3
Constitution: 1
Intelligence: 3
Wisdom: 1
Charisma: 1

Base movement speed:  40ft.          Sneak: 20ft.              Run: 80ft.

General Skills (max rank 4 at level 1):
Athletics (STR/DEX): 4 ranks
Bluff (CHA): 4 ranks
Conceal (DEX): 4 ranks
Hide & Sneak (DEX): 6 ranks
Perception (Search, Spot & Listen) (INT/WIS): 4 ranks
Ranged Energy Weapons (DEX): 4 ranks
Ranged Slug Weapons (DEX): 4 ranks

Specialty Skills (max rank 4 at level 1):
Forgery (INT): 4 ranks
Navigation (INT): 4 ranks
Pilot Medium Vessels (INT): 11 ranks
Pilot Small Vessels (INT): 4 ranks
Tactics (pilot) (INT): 4 ranks

Talents (max of 4 at level 1):
Expert (Pilot Medium Vessel): Allows skill to increase to max of 8 at level 1, then up to rank 12 at level 2 and up.
Natural Pilot (Medium Vessels): Adds +3 to the appropriate skill.
Point Blank Shot: +2d on your attack when shooting from short range or point blank range.
Stealthy: add +2d to your Hide & Sneak skill.

Complications (First 3 give you more character points to spend: 5 for first, 3 for second, 1 for third):
Lecherous: You can't resist grabbing or pawing someone you find attractive, or even making lewd comments if they’re not close enough. You must get 1 success on a Wisdom check in order to restrain yourself in these circumstances.
Criminal: Although you are innocent, you have been accused of rape and murder, and are constantly being pursued by Authorities.
Narcissist: You are obsessed with your good looks (or perceived good looks), and must get at least 1 success on a Wisdom roll to resist flattery of any kind.


Zindel Thorn       Male Orc         HP: 12                   Mana: 12             Initiative: 2

Strength: 3
Dexterity: 0
Constitution: 2
Intelligence: 0
Wisdom: 2
Charisma: 2

Base Movement Speed: 30ft.     Sneak: 15ft.                        Run: 60ft.

General Skills (max 4 ranks at level 1):
Athletics (STR): 4 ranks
Charm (CHA): 4 ranks
Concentration (CON): 4 ranks
Empathy/Sense Motive (WIS): 4 ranks
Hand to hand (STR): 4 ranks

Specialty Skills (max 4 ranks at level 1):
Channeling (WIS): 8 ranks
Gamble (WIS): 4 ranks
Medicine (WIS): 4 ranks

Talents (max 4 talents at level 1):
Faith (Channeling): Through your faith in a deity or a purpose you are able to draw on divine energy to cast spells.
Expert (Channeling): allows you to have 8 ranks and level 1 and 12 ranks from level 2 and up.
Natural Charisma: You can subtract 2 black dice from social interactions.
Unarmed Attack: You gain a +2d to your unarmed attacks reflecting your training in fighting without weapons.

Complications (First 3 give you more character points to spend: 5 for first, 3 for second, 1 for third):
Vow: You have an interesting vow. Although you are not against using violence at times, especially during fights, you have vowed to never kill another.

Heal: You call upon divine power to heal even the most fatal of wounds. You can add as many black dice as you have ranks in the channeling skill. On a successful casting the target touched heals 1 point for each black dice used in the casting of the spell.

Sleep: Soothing Divine energy floods the area, causing everyone to feel drowsy. A concentration check is required to resist the sleeping affect, and it is made with black dice equaling the amount of successes rolled upon completion of this spell. On a failed save the targets mind succumbs to the affects, causing it to fall into a deep sleep for the rest of the encounter. A successful save does not grant you immunity and you must make a new save every round you stay within its radius.