Monday, October 8, 2012

Monstrous Monday - Vengeful Spirit

I thought I would do something for my game setting. There is a complication a character can take (although I don't see many people wanting to take it; but I myself would just for the fun of it) that is called Vengeful Dead. This means that your character has a ghost of some kind that continually stalks them, and attempts to kill them. The spirit can be destroyed but will return after 6 months in order to try again.

This particular spirit is stronger than most would actually be. This spirit does re manifest itself after 6 months, and it can stay active for an unlimited amount of time in search of its intended target. Once this spirit finds its target though it will do everything in its power to kill its target; but, it can only fight for 5 rounds before it uses up its energy and dissipates.
There are only two ways to truly destroy this spirit: first would be a powerful Devotion caster, second would be the characters death.

Vengeful Spirit

Rank: 5
Physical Competence: --
Mental Competence: 6
Health: --
Talents: Ageless, Rise Again
Armor: --
Combat Abilities:
Telekinesis: This Vengeful Spirit can mentally pick up and throw unattended objects weighing a total of pounds equal to their Mental Competence times 10(i.e. 6 * 10 = 60 lbs.).
Fear: The Vengeful Spirit can produce a scream that leaves everyone and everything within 100 ft. radius frightened. Everyone within this radius must make a WIS check or take a -4d penalty to their actions for the next 24 hours. Every 6 hours the penalty is reduced by 1.