Saturday, June 15, 2013

Father's Day and Pokemon

So for Father's day this year I wanted to do something different with my children, well mostly with the oldest as the other two aren't quite old enough to sit down and try to play a game with yet.

My oldest daughter really enjoys Pokemon, and a while back I found a Pokemon Tabletop game that a group of people have put together. I thought she would enjoy it if we tried it out this weekend.

I cut out a few of the more complicated parts of it, while leaving the major portions of the game intact. We just got done playing it a little while ago, and although I now know that I need to do more prep work before we play again, she enjoyed it immensely. My wife enjoyed it also which is great!

Now that we have figured the basics of it out I think we are going to try to turn playing this with our oldest daughter a more frequent thing.

We didn't get super far, although technically we weren't really shooting for anything specifically besides leveling up and catching new Pokemon.

Barbara (my oldest daughter) started out with a lvl 5 Meowth, and when we stopped she had captured/befriended a lvl 2 Weedle, a lvl 3 Krabby (which has already jumped to level 6), and a level 5 Scyther.

Kim (my wife) started out with a lvl 5 Evee (which is now a level 6 Leafon), and captured a lvl 2 Weedle (which she released) and befriended a lvl 5 Bulbasaur.

All in all it was an amusing game that had some interesting elements, especially the befriending Pokemon instead of battling against them. We will have to see how far we can go with it now, but regardless at least it is a fun game I can now play with my children.