Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Experiments Part 1 (of 2) - Doppelgangers

In the past, before the current truce between the major races of the galaxy, some experimentation was carried out that is nowadays considered to be unethical. In the current times if it is found out you are participating in these experiments it generally leads to execution. The races still secretly carry out these experiments, but when they begin to come to the attention of the rest of the galaxy it is quickly shut down, usually with the execution of the members involved directly (a lot of scientists find it worthwhile, but it is not without it is consequences).

Probably the two most significant and noticeable introductions into the galaxy because of this experimentation are two unique races; Doppelgangers and Giants.
  This post is part 1 about the Doppelgangers, and the next will be about the Giants.

Doppelgangers are an extremely small group of beings in the Silver Divinity galaxy. During the galaxies past when the major races were fighting amongst themselves, some of them tried their hands at making their soldiers better. Probably the most successful of these experiments was the Doppelganger. The Doppelgangers came about from an attempt to create a stealth soldier that could withstand various environments and blend in with whatever creature they were sent to watch.

At first the results turned out favorably but the Doppelgangers intelligence started to quickly outpace their creators. There were a few attempts at escape by the Doppelgangers, but none were successful at first. Once the leaders of the organizations working on these experiments noticed the Doppelgangers growing defiance and intelligence they moved to shut down the experiments and dispose of the Doppelgangers already created.

When the first small groups of Doppelgangers were killed the rest rose up in a more concentrated attempt to escape. In the chaos created by the destruction orders and the Doppelgangers natural abilities their attempts at escape were successful. Not all of them made it out, but roughly one hundred escaped. With their natural abilities to change their bodies making their way off the planet was simple enough for them. After getting away the majority of the Doppelgangers found a fairly isolated planet to create a home for themselves. A small group of Doppelgangers however did not like the idea of isolating themselves, especially while staying within close proximity to each other. They thought, correctly, that they would be hunted down and staying together in one place just made them easy targets. Although a few have been found and killed since their escape, the home that the others created has not been found.

Doppelgangers are unique in many ways. They are not a natural creation of the galaxy, and except for the deity in the Galaxy they are the only immortal race. They can still be killed like most anything, but old age will never be a problem for them. Their ability to take on the shape of the other races makes it easy for them to stay hidden, and although the physical transformation is flawless the mannerisms are something they have to learn. The Doppelgangers that are among the other races usually study the race they hope to copy for a few years before they have the mannerisms down perfectly. Languages are easy for them to learn, usually taking a day or two to get a language down flawlessly.

They ability to change form is unique in the sense that they can take any creatures form. Normally this is done within a minute or two depending on the changes having to be made; but when changing form from a humanoid to an Insectoid the transformation takes up to an hour or more. This is mainly to do with the bone structure differences between the two.

In general intelligence Doppelgangers are more intelligent than the majority of the other races, although there are a few individuals around the galaxy who can match their intellect. Doppelgangers are perfectly capable of having children, but this happening is rare. Since their escape there have been only two true Doppelganger children born, with others bearing children that belong to whatever race they are emulating, or whatever race their partner belongs to.

Although Doppelgangers can be extremely powerful compared to the other races of the galaxy due to their abilities and life span, they typically stay in the shadows, preferring to avoid taking part in galactic events. The few Doppelgangers that have been killed is mostly due to their attempts at taking part in grand events that eventually reveled their true identities, even if not to the galaxy as a whole, but to the organizations wishing to exterminate them.

Example Doppelganger

Miller (among his own people, various other names among other races)

HP: 24
Initiative: 17           

STR: 2
DEX: 3
CON: 2
INT: 8
WIS: 6
CHA: 8

Base Movement: 50 ft.
Run: 100 ft.
Sneak: 25 ft.

Athletics (STR/DEX): 8 ranks
Bluff (CHA): 8 ranks
Charm (CHA): 8 ranks
Dodge (DEX): 8 ranks
Empathy/Sense Motive (WIS): 4 ranks
Perception (INT/WIS): 8 ranks
Weapons (all ranged) (DEX): 8 ranks

Specialty Skills:
Computers (INT): 8 ranks
Disguise (WIS): 8 ranks
Disarm Mechanical Device (DEX/INT): 8 ranks
Pick Pockets (INT): 8 ranks

Immortal: Doppelgangers never age, and cannot die from old age.

Adaptability: Doppelgangers can survive extreme environmental conditions such as extreme hot or cold. This does not render them immune to cold or fire damage from spells or weapons.

Change form: Doppelgangers can take on the physical form of any creature they have taken the time to study. This transformation usually takes a minute or more depending on the changes involved. If changing form from a flesh and blood creature to an Insect creature the transformation takes an hour or more.

Black Sheep: Miller is a black sheep amongst his family, they are not hostile towards him, but he must work with them in order to get them to help him in any way.