Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New Campaign at home! Mournlands Corruption

So I was asked by one of my friends if I would be interested in running a game again at my house.
I jumped at the idea of course (I haven't had the people to run anything lately) and after a few discussions we decided on running a D&D 3.5 game because that is what everyone is used to (and two of the people have only ever played that so far). We are probably going to play D20 Modern/Apocalypse afterwards but I need to look over the games before I try to run one.

So I like Eberron and I remember its history better than the other worlds so our game is going to be based there. I had an idea to start them off at Level 11, and they are going to be centered in the Mournlands. Basically the short version is that they are characters that were in Cyre on the day of mourning, and technically they died along with most everyone else when Cyre was destroyed.

The campaign begins with them waking up in the middle of the Mournlands without any memory or knowledge of what has transpired in the last four years, or even that four years have passed.
The main thing I’m doing that they are having fun with so far is that since they were present during the Mournlands creation and because something has mysteriously revived them, they have now been corrupted by the Mournlands energy.

I’m basically taking each class the players choose and I am giving them all a little twist in various fun ways. So far we have a Cleric, Barbarian, and a Witch. We have a fourth person but he hasn't decided on a character so far. Now, looking at these corruptions so far they make the characters more powerful, but the plan is to scale the enemies along with them to keep everything balanced.

The two examples I have right now are for the witch (slightly modified from Pathfinder for use in this game) and barbarian, plus the effects on all characters:

All Characters:
v  Potions found in the Mournland function normally for you, all others function half as well.
v  While in the Mournland, at the end of every round there is a 25% (this chance drops to 10% while outside the Mournland) chance that the spells cast during that round could possibly turn into living spells, if a cleric and wizard both cast a spell there is a chance the spells will merge to form a stronger living spell (ECS. 294) which lasts for 1hr per half its HD while in the Mournlands (this drops to 1rd per HD outside of the Mournland). You can attempt to gain control of the Living spell by making a Caster Level Check, whatever you roll is what the Living spell must beat with a Will save. If it fails this save then the caster can control it until it dissipates.
v  You take a -10 penalty to CHA based checks when dealing with people/creatures not corrupted by the Mournland.
v  Barbarians are constantly raging, their rage works in reverse. Their daily rage uses calms them instead for a short time.
v  Your patron has not been affected but the effects of the Mournland have affected your mind which manifests in the form of a second patron although it must be from this list: Death, Insanity, Plague, or Shadow. This second patron is only active and follows you around while you are in the Mournlands.
v  You also gain one new spell of each spell level but this extra spell must be pulled from the list of spells you secondary patron grants you.
v  Your familiar gets warped and grows to a medium size, and it also gains the Magebred template.