Monday, February 17, 2014

Day 17 - D&D 40th Anniversary blog hop challenge!

First time you heard that D&D was somehow "evil."

This one I like. The first time I heard was a year or two after I started playing, and it was from my Father. My mother looked at me funny when she found out (my family does not play anything besides board games), but she understands it is just a game. Of course by that point I was already 19 or 20 (I don't remember exactly) so they really didn't have a huge say-so in what I wanted to do anyways.

Which that now makes me realize I've only been playing for something like 8 - 9 years personally, as I will turn 28 in May of this year.

My father though gave me a whole rant about it being evil and what not. I laughed. I have done, and still do occasionally look online for information about how D&D is evil. I won't link to any of the sites I've read, but their easy to find. They are fun to read to see how people say that D&D is evil and corrupts, and even summons Demons and the like!

All in all it is an amusing read at times. And the few people I have introduced to the games I usually mention this to them after they've played their first game so they can see the amusement.