Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Day 11 - 30 Day D&D Challenge!

Day 11 - Favorite Adventure You Have Run

I haven't been Dming a long time, so I've only actually run a few adventures so far. The one I personally had the most fun with, and I know the players had fun with was an evil character campaign I worked on for them.

It was based in Eberron and they were employed (forcibly) by a Mindflayer. They had fun with that although after a little while I needed them to get higher level before they continued on, so I found an evil Silver dragon in one of the books I had and I built a side story around him. They had a few other side stories when they were lower level also like being hunted by a resurrected character (who became a Silver Flame Paladin) they had previously killed.

I still find it funny and fun but it was the first long game I ran that I did not prepare every little detail before hand, and I learned I could handle that better than planning everything out meticulously. I get too distracted and I have to work too hard at times if I plan something and the characters don't follow it, so I found it easier to not plan things out except for simple things like locations, treasure, and what they will be fighting (although not when or where exactly).

I think the players had a lot of fun (I know a couple did for sure). They worked for the dragon up until they reached level 14, which is when we put the game on a temporary break so I could focus on school (that was when I first started back). We are going to start back sometime, possibly after we finish the current pathfinder game we are in at the moment.

The one fun thing I enjoyed was that the players decided they liked working for the Dragon more than the Mindflayer, and they were in the process of shifting their allegiance when we ended.

All in all it turned out well and was a lot of fun, although most people I mention an evil campaign to look at me funny and don't understand how I could have made it work without constant character fights.