Friday, September 13, 2013

Day 13 - 30 Day D&D Challenge!

Day 13 - Favorite Trap/Puzzle

Honestly I've got something for both Trap and Puzzle on this one.

Favorite Trap is easy, it's not a specific trap exactly mostly just a concept. I enjoy pointless traps. For example if you open a door and see a chest or some other potential treasure container, you might find a trap or two before you get to the container. Then there might be a trap on the container, I usually don't lock them at least, but then there could possibly be something easy but annoying to fight when you get to the container (a swarm of something perhaps). After all of that though when they finally get the chest open there is a chance there might not be anything inside. It is annoying for the players although they usually groan and laugh about it; and I only do it rarely so as to not become too predictable and to not cause great annoyance. They don't get loot when I do it, but experience is still received so they are usually happy.

The puzzle one is something I only do rarely so as not to annoy and also because I don't always sit down and plan it out beforehand. I like teleporter puzzles. When you walk into a room and find a symbol on the floor or even if you don't see anything and just start jumping around, occasionally being separated in the process. I think some people find these annoying, although I love them.
My favorite was a set of rooms that had four teleporters along with levers which would activate and change various things when pulled, although some would instead set off a magical attack in the room or drop some sort of creature or creatures into the room for the party to fight.