Sunday, September 8, 2013

Day 8 - 30 Day D&D Challenge!

Day 8 - Favorite Character You Have Played

My favorite character that I have played is one of the first that I worked on after I learned more about how to play tabletop games, and when I first found Psionics.

The game was set in Eberron and I made a Kalashtar Psion Shaper name Ganitari. We played one short epic game with the characters and by the end of it all I had a level 22 character (15 Psion Shaper/5 Ectopic Adept/ 2 Dragonrider).

It was a fun character to play with, by the end I could summon 2 Huge Astral Constructs, along with the fact that I had a large Silver Dragon companion. Which sounds odd I'm sure but there were rules for it in the Draconomicon and my father-in-law let me do it which was awesome. Dragon wasn't super helpful, but it was more for entertainment than anything else.

So far Ganitari has been the funnest character I have played, although a few others have been enjoyable for sure (like the Factotum I had afterwards).

I actually made this (afterwards) as a representation of her with her constructs and dragon.

Ganitari - Kalashtar Psion Shaper. Dragon is supposed to be a Silver Dragon but this was as close as I could get it to look like one.