Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 12 - 30 Day D&D Challenge!

Day 12 - Favorite Dungeon Type/Location

My thoughts on this are heavily influenced by the group I learned to play with and who I still play with at this time.
I enjoy both settings that take place in a city and ruins/dungeons.

Cities are nice because of the restrictions that it puts on your characters, along with the ability to use both the interior and exterior of the buildings around you to your advantage.

Dungeons I enjoy because if I take the time to sit down and draw one up before hand then I tend to make them full of oddities and some things that probably shouldn't make sense; but the players who have run through them seem to enjoy them quite a bit.

All in all I'm happy with most settings, although wilderness/outdoors settings I enjoy but the people I normally play with don't handle them as well.