Friday, September 27, 2013

Day 27 - 30 Day D&D Challenge!

Day 27 – A Character You Want to Play In The Future

I've been playing a game when I get time called Dragon’s Dogma for the Xbox 360. There is an advanced vocation/class in the game called a Magick Archer that I love to play as. It is a character based on speed and magic which are my two favorites.

As sad as it is, I want to try to build a character that functions at least partially like that. I want to build a dual dagger wielding character that can hit and run fast, jump high, and dabble in a little magic possibly.

I haven’t taken the time yet to sit down and figure out the classes or feats or really anything to use yet but it looks like fun. The main weapons would be two Spell Storing daggers of some type. Silly to base a character off of a video game but the concept is definitely something I like.